About Me

I am an overly organized possibly even a little OCD, lover of reading and learning to love writing, wanna be baker, MINNESOTA TWINS fanatic, soon to be wife, dog owner, daughter, best friend, teacher and of course now a BLOGAHOLIC!

I began my teaching career in Las Vegas, Nevada teaching 2nd grade! I absolutely loved my first class 14 students and lots of great experiences!!!  I then moved to a new school to teach 5th grade, this is where I FELL IN LOVE! Not only with teaching 5th grade but also where I met my fiancĂ©e! :) He broke all my rules; must be taller than me, cannot work at the same place and preferably not a teacher- 4 years later I am happy than ever and soon to be his wife!!!
Our beautiful Shetland Sheepdog, Gidget :)

One of our engagement pictures

We moved back to Minnesota in 2009(this is where I am from) and absolutely love it! We are both teaching him in 1st grade and me this year teaching reading intervention.  We bought a house and are slowing turning into our home!

I was exploring blogs one day and cannot believe all the Wonderful teachers out there willing to share ideas and support! As I transition into this blogging experience I hope to be one of those teachers!!!