Monday, May 16, 2011


Well today is 17 days until the end of the school year....this bring a mixed bag of emotions.  I look at my 30 students and their progress in reading and rejoice! Then my mind moves to what more could I have done!!! This time of year is both my favorite and my least favorite.  I am busy working on some new things with my kids and am hoping to get some of them posted this week!! I hope everyone is enjoying their last weeks of school! CRAZY

If you have any fun things that you do at the end of the school year...what are they???

Monday, May 9, 2011

a few days...

We have our last late start day tomorrow in our district and I am wondering what on earth we could be working on.....PBIS for next year......RtI......there are so many possibilities I cannot wrap my head around it!  Today I worked on creating some new lessons for my students.  I am creating a lesson based on a fictional book on meerkats for a couple of my groups.  I am excited to put it all together and share it! I am also creating a mlti-disciplinary unit on the civil war for my 5th graders and a comparison study of Cinderella around the world! Lots to do!! WHEW! After a raining start to the day I am ready to hit the hay! :)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


With 26 days of school left I am encouraging myself to stay as excited as possible! I have been busy letting my mind plan and re-plan next year as if I know my teaching assignment yet! I have been keeping a notebook of my future ideas both for a classroom teacher and a reading interventionist.  I have officially determined that I want to be a workshop teacher.  As much as I heart guided reading and all that if offers, the thought that I would meet individually with my students more often was intriguing.  My fiancĂ©e who also happens to be a teacher, first grade to be exact, implemented the CAFE model this year in his room.  I am blown away at the progress his children have made in the first grade and ponder why are more teacher NOT implementing the workshop model?!?!?  I have created a list of must read books or books I want to re-read for over the know in between our wedding, second reception, honeymoon, Responsive Classroom training, PBIS coach training and anything else I get signed up for!

Let me know what you have thought of these books or if you have any other suggestions!!!

CAFE- The Sisters 

     Daily Five- The Sisters

Around the Reading Workshop in 180 days by: Frank Serafini- One of my Master's professors!


Guiding Readers and Writers- Fountas and Pinnell

Writing Workshop by Ralph Fletcher and JoAnn Portalupi

A Writer's Notebook by Ralph Fletcher children