Friday, June 3, 2011


These last few weeks have been to say the least CRAZY! I have reached under 30 days for my wedding and was waiting to hear about my job for next year.  I am going to stay in the same position, intermediate reading interventionist, and I have MIXED feelings.  Being that this will be the end of my 5th year of teaching, I felt that I had left the classroom too early.  I had been talking to my principal about the possibility of going back to the classroom. Well with all the economic trouble schools are facing that possibility was not there for me.  After thinking about it over Memorial weekend, I have come to decide that another year doing my job is going to be PERFECT.  I have a notebook full of ideas, interventions and ways I will organize everything for next year.  This week I spent closing up all my interventions and completing my final progress monitoring to get paperwork into folders.  Well, that is done so I have been busy creating my new lesson plan template, reading conference form and anecdotal notes.  I took a few resources I have had for years and morphed them to hopefully be the forms that will work for me.  I will try to figure out how to attach my Google documents but I am not very confident.  If you know I could really use the help! 4 days of school left!!

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